I'm Loving My New Nikon D90

Since the beginning of this camera launch, I was very excited to own it. When it was first launched, I still had Nikon D60, my first DSLR camera, and was still learning different menus, camera settings and doing experiment with different settings and features. But at the beginning of this year, I bought the Nikon D90 along with the 18-200mm VR II lens. It is my second DSLR and probably one of the most expensive gadget I have ever owned. I sold my D60 on eBay and purchased D90. I was planning to film the unboxing of D90 and post it on YouTube but I was so excited to take it out of the box and start shooting with it and forgot the video recording, LOL! When I first bought D60, I bought the body and the lens separately. But this time, I bought the whole kit instead of buying separate units. I realized that it is a lot cheaper buying kit rather than buying bits and pieces. So, inside the package, it came with 16GB memory card, lens cleaning kit, extra Nikon Li-ion battery pack and standard Nikon gadget bag. I loved the kit because I didn't have to worry about buying these items separately and I wouldn't have known which brand accessory should I be buying for the memory and the cleaning kit (this might not be a problem as I start getting more experience using them).

Nikon D90.jpg

I think I am missing an external flash unit to complete my setup. In near future, I am going buy either SB-600SB-800 or SB-900 depending on which works best for my need and also comes under my budget. I think I will be going to be stuck with this camera for a while now. It is one of the most top-rated entry level DSLR camera ever because it is the first DSLR to shoot HQ video with 720p resolution. As I learn more and more about this camera and digital photography, I will keep on posting them on my blog and please be sure to comment or drop your question using the comment box below. If you would like to get the update on my blog posts, you can subscribe to the newsletter as well!

I welcome you all to the digital photography club. Let this artistic journey begin!