The Photographer's Eye

Once you know how to use your camera and learn about all the controls and settings, your photography journey is just begun. Next thing and probably the most important thing you need to learn is a composition. Without knowledge of proper composition, your photographs won't look the best. There are many rules and adopted standard among world class photographers to extract the best picture out of the given subject. The best of way of learning composition is by shooting as many photographs as you can in a different situations and varying different parameters. You can then judge your photographs by looking at them and getting comments from others about the photographs. But before going out for shooting, usually, you need something to start from or find a good learning point so that you can start practicing.


There are thousands of books and materials available online to know about the composition. Few weeks ago I was reading reviews about the book "The Photographer's Eye" by Michael Freeman and the reviews on Amazon were pretty good. Based upon the reviews it got, I bought the book and started reading as soon as I got my hands on it. I am enjoying reading this book so far and the best thing I like about the book is the illustration with the pictures. It has lots of pictures to demonstrate the theory about specific photographic composition and talks about the rules in detail. Photographs are taken from different places around the world and they are very interesting to see and observe. I haven't completed the book yet but lots of readers were claiming that this is the must have book if you want to master the composition technique. Some readers also said that they repeated this book many times and learned new things every time they read. I am hoping to enjoy reading it to the end and will share more information as I go through this book.

At the time I was writing this blog, Amazon was selling this book for $19.77 whereas the original price was $29.95 if you are interested in getting your own copy.