Movie Settings Menu In Nikon D90

Nikon D90 is the world's first DSLR camera to record HDTV movie with sound. It gives you three different options of recording movies and today we are going to discuss the movie settings menu available in Nikon D90. When you press the menu button on the back of your camera, you will be given different choices of menu settings for your camera. But right now we are interested in a movie settings option and for that, lets go to the Shooting Menu option (camera Icon) and scroll all the way down to the Movie settings menu and click OK. Actually there are not much settings to be done to record a movie with D90 but you can adjust movie quality (frame size) using this menu option and enable or disable the sound recording option. Nikon D90 shoots all the movie clips at the same rate, 24 frames per second. Here are the few options you can set under this menu.

  • 1. Quality

  • 2. Sound (press OK to enable or disable sound recording option)

When you select Quality and enter OK, you will be presented with three framing size options.

Nikon D90 movie settings menu

Nikon D90 movie settings menu

1280x720 (16:9): This option will let you shoot in HDTV quality movies in the 16:9 aspect ratio. As this mode allows High Quality movie, it consumes more space in your memory card. Main disadvantage of this mode is, it allows you to shoot only 5 min of HDTV movie. But this framing size is best viewed on big screen TV.

640x424 (3:2) : This is the default option set to Nikon D90. This mode allows you to record non-HDTV video as of normal non-HDTV camcorders and best viewed on small size monitor. This setting allows you to record 20 minutes of video. Personally I use this setting to record video with my Nikon D90.

320x216 (3:2): This mode is used to produce compact framing movies and allows you to record 20 minutes long video.

After you set the framing size, click Live view (Lv) button on the back of your camera and press OK to start recording video and press OK again to stop the recording. Nikon made it very easy and simple enough to a record video with Nikon D90.