Trying different angle to shoot

Sometimes changing the angle you shoot makes your photograph look more interesting. As we all know, composition is the most important factor in photography, and we have to work on it hard to get a better and better result every time we take a shot. Sometimes we try to apply the Rule of Thirds (which is an important photography concept), and sometimes we try to arrange the objects in the photo in a triangle as we frame the shot or adjust the horizon while shooting beautiful landscapes. There are also times when none of these composition rules work well, and you shoot just with your imagination, and it turns out to be one of your best shots. People who know these rules know also how to avoid them, when that approach works best in the present situation. They first learn the rules and then try to break them.

The last time I was touring from east coast to mid west region, I was driving somewhere between Indianapolis and Chicago. I was tired of continuous driving and thinking of taking an exit somewhere in the nearest rest area. In the mean-time, I saw a beautiful landscape with a gorgeous sunset through my rear view mirror. Without thinking, I pulled my car off the road. I took out my camera and took multiple sunset shots. When I did an instant review of those photographs in the LCD screen, I feel I had only produced a pretty common sunset shot. I then tried to think about shooting with different angles and other subjects in the frame. The sun was going down really fast and I couldn’t think any more about my next frame. After few minutes, I saw 18 wheelers coming from far away, and I imagined framing it inside and took a shot. When I played back that shot, I found it very interesting.

Photographs of Sunset

I don’t know if you agree with me but I find this picture very interesting with the angles made off of pull-off area and road lines with giant 18 wheelers truck framed inside. Whenever I see this photo, I feel like I am still there trying to think of another way to capture this beautiful sunset.

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  1. Lovely shot. I am from mid west and I can feel the road in the picture.

  2. Perfectly taken shot. Idea of framing the truck and timing is awesome.

  3. I really like the angle you used in that shot. It works. One thing that I have recently read on a photography website as something to avoid is what they’re referring to as “the Dutch tilt.” I have no idea how Holland got involved but it’s something that I have to admit I’m guilty of doing over the past few years. Looking back at a lot of my shots I can somewhat see what they mean. In a lot of cases it puts a different spin on a shot that may otherwise not be all that interesting but it might cause other people to tilt their head the way a dog might when they hear a funny noise. I’m trying to do my best to go easy anymore on the crazy tilt.

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