Setup I used for Night Cityscape Shots

I always wanted to capture beautiful cityscapes, specially night cityscapes because of the spectacular view of buildings with different lights and colors. This summer, when I was visiting Cape code, MA, I happened to stay a night in Boston downtown city and got a chance to capture Boston downtown cityscape. I am writing this blog […]

Understanding Dynamic range of colors

In real world, there is nothing called real white or real dark. It is only representation of degree of light source intensity and subject’s reflectivity. If somebody says something is white, that means light intensity on that subject is maximum and that of black is minimum. But there is no real measurement which is absolute […]

Few things to consider when taking animal shots

When I bought my first DSLR three years ago, I had no clue about composition, photography technique, lighting and nothing. I just bought DSLR camera because I had interest in photography and enjoyed taking pictures. I still remember I took a shot of a deer from back side and was very happy with the result. […]

Understanding an MTF Chart for Lenses

If you own DSLR or planning to buy one in near future, you will be looking for lenses sooner or later and when time comes, you have to be very careful while choosing lenses. There are limited types of camera bodies (which are upgraded pretty frequently) but there are wide varieties of lenses and stay […]

Sunset Photography Tips

The setting sun is one of the glories of the day and possibly the best memory of a vacation. But it takes some skill to produce photos that stand out from the crowd. First off, decide what you will include in your shot. Go to the site an hour ahead (you might want to look […]

Using Autofocus with the Nikon D7000

Autofocus can sometimes be frustrating for the new digital SLR photographer, especially those coming from the point-and-shoot world. That’s because correct focus plays a greater role among your creative options with a DSLR, even when photographing the same subjects. Most non-DSLR digital cameras have sensors that are much tinier than the sensor in the D7000. […]