Varying your composition

On a crisp, abnormally warm winter day, I decided to photograph a local amusement park that had been closed and made into an art center. Assignments like this are challenging because you have to try to do something different from everybody else. You have to go underneath the obvious scene (and its parts) and think […]

Composition Tips: Varying your scenic shots

If you want to take strong outdoor photos, consider these very basic principles. Anything you see, you can photograph. If you see a reflection of trees in a pond or sun on the water, a pink sky, even a rainbow, the camera can capture it. But you have to play around to get a good […]

Photography Composition Tips: Combining Elements

Composition is a very important element of photography – it refers to the arrangement of the elements of the photograph – the objects, the lines, the light, the sense of motion. Composition is a general word beyond photography too, and it refers to “The act of composing … or the state of being composed…the union […]

Things to remember while shooting at beach

When you take out the rafts and sun hats, don’t forget to bring along your camera, because summer is an excellent time to take beach scenic shots. If you choose the right time, and are careful to protect your camera from the elements, you can get some beautiful photos to add to your portfolio and […]

The Rule of Thirds in Photography

If you are learning photography and reading books about photography or taking courses, you have probably heard this term by now. It is the most well known and widely talked principle of photography composition. It is also one of the few rules for composing photographs. It’s not necessary to follow rule of thirds every time […]